Mail order guide

 Mail order guide
 ■An order method
Please place an order for the name, the type of a car, the model, color, and part number of the goods of hope by mail, the telephone, and fax after being surer.
 ■About the flow in the case of a part order
Please a color, a part number, a grade, etc. give me reconfirmation whether to be all right once again before a purchase with the parts which our company answered. Keep in mind that returned goods, such as an elegance difference in a visitor depended unidentified and different colors, cannot be accepted.
 ■ Returned goods
Please contact me within seven days after goods arrival about the returned goods and exchange of inferior goods. Since it may damage on passage about glass, be sure to confirm also as that of delivery member presence at the time of a receipt. The returned goods and discount by a visitor's convenience or the check mistake of reply mail refuse all receptionists. Moreover, after our company connects and there is connection of a check from our company from a visitor, please return.
 ■About the correspondence at the time of used-parts OOS
Used parts have the case where the same goods do not exist at all, on the character. Moreover, since stock is always changed, the stock of applicable goods of it may be lost by a visitor's payment after an order receptionist. Please understand that it corresponds because I am allowed to repay the amount of money paid at that time. Moreover, it carries in the case of returned goods, and substitute wages and no expenses can be paid although it is not explanation.
■ Payment by cash on delivery
You can use the payment by price exchange. . However, I am needing your help by bank transfer in the case of the purchase to exceed [ of 100,000 yen ]. Moreover, insurance is attached to the goods to ship at all.
不良品の返品・交換につきましては商品到着後7日以内にご連絡ください。 ガラス類につきましては運送中に破損する場合がありますので受取時に配達員立会いのもと必ずご確認ください。お客様のご都合または返信メールの確認ミスによる返品・値引きは一切の受付をお断りいたします。また、返送はお客様より当社にご連絡いただき、当社から確認のご連絡がございました後にお願いいたします。

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